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Welcome to "A Red Letter Day" for Dolphins 
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Our next focus for a Red Letter campaign will zero in on two very well known orcas that have experienced severe torments and hardships since they were taken into captivity many years ago. Tilicum, of course, has gained fame and notoriety as the the "star" of "Blackfish", the documentary, and is the orca responsible for the deaths of 3 animal trainers. He is currently kept at SeaWorld, Orlando, and used to produce sperm for the artificial insemination of other captive female orcas, that produces more captive orcas, for the entertainment of people and the huge financial benefit of the executives and shareholders. He does get to come out and take the final bow in the SeaWorld show, and spends the rest of his day in seclusion in a small tank. He has been imprisoned for 30 years, and has bitten on his gates until he has broken off all his teeth.
  Another orca with a similar fate, is Kshamenk, the only known orca in captivity in South America. He lives totally alone since his tank mates have died, in an extremely small and reportedly dirty tank in Mundo Marino Aquarium in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Like Tilicum, he has developed a collapsed dorsal fin from swimming in tight circles for many years. In the wild, orcas are free to swim up to 100 miles a day, catch and eat live sea life, stay with their families in lively, highly social groups, and live an average of 60 to 90 years. In captivity, they are forced to live in tanks less than the equivalent of a bathtub to a human, are exposed to numerous, daily, intrusive procedures, are fed dead fish only when they perform their required show tricks, are separated from normal pods, and are masturbated for their sperm or artificially inseminated rather than allowed to have normal relationships. Their life expectancy is typically drastically reduced and many more die in captivity than in the wild. THERE IS NOTHING GOOD ABOUT KEEPING THESE MAGNIFICENT, INTELLIGENT ANIMALS IN WATERY ZOOS.
  Please join in sending a tidal wave of Red Letters to SeaWorld Orlando and the Mundo Marino Aquarium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, compelling them to make whatever arrangements are necessary to return these two to the ocean with their pods, or whatever is possible, given the debilitated condition of Tilicum's teeth. SET THEM FREE!