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Welcome to "A Red Letter Day" for Dolphins 
​  For 50 years now, millions of children and adults have visited SeaWorld and thrilled to the excitement of magnificent orcas and dolphins performing amazing tricks before their eyes. What most park visitors don’t understand (and what is cleverly covered up) is the terrible suffering these very intelligent, social animals endure to provide the "shows" that fill the coffers of the marine animal industry. While claiming to promote education to the public, SeaWorld has engaged in capturing, buying, transporting (and now breeding) these awesome animals, and then subjecting them to daily physical and emotional cruelties for the rest of their shortened lives.

     Although some scientific knowledge was gained in the early days of holding dolphins and whales captive in marine parks, most authorities now agree that studying them in the wild is the only way to get accurate information about these species. Studying them in captivity shows only abnormal behavior. 

     Both wild and captive whales and dolphins have injured people due to aggression, defending territories, playing roughly, and in response to harassment and stress, but NO deadly attack on a human in the wild has ever been reported. The same cannot be said about captivity. Tragically, the death of four humans by captive orcas have occurred in marine parks; and a long list of other violent incidents have been recorded. Many people believe these tragic incidents occur due to the cruel and unnatural conditions cetaceans endure in captivity.

    Our new Red Letter Day urges SeaWorld to:

  •  STOP THE BREEDING of dolphins and whales. 
  •  Change their focus and become a leader in RESCUE, REHABILITATION, and RELEASE of dolphins and whales back into their natural environment. 
  •  End their strategies of expanding captivity around the world, and begin new programs that allow the public to observe and support rehabilitation and release of dolphins and whales in the real sea world – the ocean.
Wouldn't a new commitment be a great way for SeaWorld to change their legacy and celebrate their 50th year?

   Target date: March 21st, 2014 
    SeaWorld's 50th Anniversary

Join us in our mission to send thousands of heartfelt letters in red envelopes to SeaWorld on their 50th Anniversary. Our intent is to inspire SeaWorld to stop the breeding, captivity, and exploitation of dolphins and whales for entertainment. We believe it’s time that SeaWorld becomes a world leader in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of marine mammals back into the wild, and gives the public a true education in saving our ocean life.
Get your friends involved in sending SeaWorld an overwhelming and undeniable message! It's easy! All you need for this campaign is an envelope and a stamp..

Please check out all the tabs on the top of this page for important links to more detailed information. There's lots more to learn and many great websites to explore that support this cause. Take a few moments to watch the movie trailer "A Fall from Freedom" , a "must-see" to understand the issues. It is an EarthViews Production, available on DVD or by download at .

Also, the now well known CNN documentary "Blackfish" DVD is available at many major retailers and online. View the "Blackfish" Official Trailer at .

              Why try to change the "fun" of SeaWorld?