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"Do something small. Be part of something big."
So, now that you're thoroughly prepared… Get your friends involved in sending an overwhelming and undeniable message! It's easy! All you need for this campaign is an envelope and a stamp...

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  TARGET MAILING DATE: The month of August ~2014

    This is the 5th RED LETTER campaign on behalf of the dolphins and whales on this Earth being hunted, captured, killed and continuously abused for human profit. For the second time, we are targeting Japan and Taiji, in particular, in protest of their well known annual dolphin drive that begins very soon. 
     In the previous Taiji RED LETTER campaign, thousands of letters were mailed to government officials, with the heartfelt opinions and messages from many dedicated dolphin lovers. Although we know the letters were received, unfortunately, the timing coincided with the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and horrible nuclear power plant leak, and certainly, the attention of the Prime Minister of Japan and all others, was diverted to those tragedies and emergency situations. There is now a new Prime Minister and we wish to get his attention, uninterrupted, with a RED LETTER TSUNAMI arriving at his office, the office of the Minister of Fisheries, and the office of the Governor over the prefecture (territory) in which Taiji is located, in August, before the hunt. 

 TOGETHER, let us make another united and strong statement: JAPAN, STOP THE DOLPHIN CAPTURES AND SLAUGHTER!

     If you are not familiar with the situation and the cause, read more about the horrible practices taking place yearly, on "The Ugly Truth" page. It will give you insight and fuel for your heartfelt letters. The "Mailing Instructions" page will give you the specific "how-to's" of this campaign and some direct translations to add in Japanese. Beautiful examples of letters created for past RED LETTER campaigns are shown in all their varied creativity on the "About Us" page. In addition, on the "Tools and Resources" page you can educate yourself further with links to more information and other organizations doing a great work to help this change come about.

TAIJI, JAPAN's age old dolphin drive season, which is the horrific capture and slaughter of thousands of magnificent dolphins, is about to resume. Join the RED LETTER campaign to Japan's government officials to register your concerns and demands to stop this practice in Taiji and all over Japan..
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